Foie gras, from 2450 BCE to 2010 CE

About 5000 years ago, on the banks of the Nile, the ancient Egyptians noticed that geese overfed themselves naturally to store the energy necessary for their long migration in the form of fat.

They soon realized it gave the meat of the birds a delicious taste, and that their livers were enormous, sweet and tasty ! They probably decided to replicate this overfeeding process.

Around 2450 BC, forcefeeding was so well mastered that it appeared on the frescoes of the tombs of the Saqqara necropolis. If we do not know exactly which parts of the geese the Egyptians consumed, or in what form, we can reasonably imagine that they were already enjoying foie gras. Anyway, it is certain that two thousand years ago, the Romans were already fans of foie gras.